Cool Roof


It’s no secret that keeping cool during the hot Australian summer can be challenging and even more so if you have a steel roof over your head be it a warehouse, factory, home or office – the even bigger challenge is to keep your costs down when cooling your home, office or place of business.

We are pleased to be able to offer you the solution!

Dulux makes a product that greatly reduces heat in your home. The Cool Roof with “InfraCool Technology” reflects more of the sun’s radiation keeping the roof surfaces cooler and reduces heat build-up.

Case studies demonstrate reductions in temperature on the roof surface, beneath the roof, in the ceiling cavity and in the work spaces. The sun’s radiant energy is reflected before it is absorbed into the roof surface.

Reasons for Selecting a Cool Roof:

  • Reflects solar radiation which in turn reduces heat and the interior surface remains cooler than that of a roof without Dulux InfraCool Technology
  • Will reduce cooling costs
  • Can reduce peak energy demand
  • Improves occupancy comfort
  • Greatly extends the life of the roof
  • Can lower carbon footprint in warm climates
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Can be applied to all roofing surfaces
  • It adds value, looks aesthetically enhancing and saves you money on energy costs

For more information on this innovative product, please contact us and also see the InfraCool website page

Some of our most recent InfraCool jobs….

  • Ambulance Centre – Burwood & Camberwell
  • Zagames – Reservoir, Boronia


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