Terracotta Tiles


Let Roof Specialist make your roof look brand new!

De-Mossing, Restoring and Pressure Cleaning – Roof Specialist is very happy to inspect your roof obligation free and advise you on what we can do at a price you will be very happy with.


Terracotta Tiled Roof – Cleaning and Repairs


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The Process:

1/ Roof Specialist will carry out a full-inspection to assess the problem and provide you with the best possible options.

2/ Replacement of damaged tiles, check all water courses to make sure the roof is water proof.

3/ De-mossing – A solution is applied to the tiles which kills all moss and lichen root spores and prevents regrowth. This helps to enhance the pressure cleaning.

4/ Using water pressure at 4000psi, high pressure cleaning removes all dirt, moss, lichen and pollution.

5/ Old rusted valley irons are removed and replaced with new ones.

6/ All flashings are checked, repaired and replaced (if necessary).

7/ All old cement bedding (mortar) is removed, blow cleaned and the new cement bedding is laid.

8/ All hip, ridge, valley tiles and gables are repointed. The coloured pointing compound is specially formulated to adhere to ridge tiles and we ensure that the pointing colour will match the tile colour.

9/ All gutters are cleaned and leaves, rubble, debris and dirt is removed – we clean up!

10/ The Roof Specialist will ensure you have six spare tiles when we leave as it’s always wise to have spare tiles on hand!