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    Roof Replacement & Restoration in Melbourne

    Established and locally trusted, Eastern Melbourne Roofing provides comprehensive solutions for refurbishment, roof repairs, and restoration in Melbourne. As a team of seasoned Melbourne roofing experts, we excel in restoring tiled and metal roofs or offering replacements with robust Colorbond options. With over 15 years of experience in Melbourne’s roofing repair and restoration sector, we stand out for our reliability, honesty, and tailor-made solutions.

    We are operating business as usual – and abiding by Victoria’s current social distancing measures. If you need any restoration job done, please call Wayne on 0458 225 999 for a free quote today.

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    Specialists In Roof Restorations Across Melbourne & Colorbond Roofing At The Best Prices

    At Eastern Melbourne Roofing, we differentiate ourselves through quality. Our tradesmen are not just roofers; they are licensed roof plumbers and tilers, each a roof specialist in Melbourne. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our high-quality Google reviews. Upon completion of our services, we offer a compliance certificate and/or a 10-year workmanship guarantee.

    If concerns about your roof’s condition have lingered, wait no longer. As a roofing specialist in Melbourne, we are well-equipped to handle comprehensive roof renovations. Residents in the Melbourne area can contact us for a free roof restoration Melbourne quote. We’re eager to discuss the range of Melbourne roofing options available for homeowners needing repair and restoration services. With competitive and affordable rates, we maintain the highest quality of service and professionalism for our clients, ensuring the best results every time.

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    A Transparent Roof Restoration Experience

    Eastern Melbourne Roofing offers top-notch roof restoration Melbourne services designed to save homeowners money, regardless of budget or the scope of roofing works required. Our resident roofing specialist in Melbourne, Wayne Allen, will assess your current roof and provide a free quotation tailored to your needs and budget.

    Our initial roofing inspection enables us to identify any damage or issues with your roof. Our comprehensive report will guide you through your roofing needs, offering solutions for long-lasting roof protection against Melbourne’s diverse weather conditions. The detailed quotation we provide will itemise the costs of restoring your roofing while also explaining the entire roof makeover process. Our goal is to fully comprehend your Melbourne roofing needs and deliver a solution that assures 100% customer satisfaction, all within your budget.

    For over 20 years, Eastern Melbourne Roofing has taken pride in delivering high-quality roof renovations. Our expert team has served residents and businesses in Victoria, reflecting our enduring commitment to exceptional service and professionalism.

    Roof Refurbishment in Melbourne – How to Restore Your Roof and Protect Your Home

    What is the process involved in roofing restoration?

    Roof restoration, which involves the repair and/or replacement of a building’s roof, can serve aesthetic, functional, or both purposes. At Eastern Melbourne Roofing, our process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your roof’s condition. As a seasoned team of Melbourne roofing experts, we identify the necessary roofing work, roofing repairs, roof restorations, or replacements. We provide the property owner with clear, detailed communication, including consultations and a free written quote. Our highly skilled roofing specialists in Melbourne carry out this assessment and pricing estimate, ensuring an accurate and reliable evaluation. Once the scope of work is established and you’ve decided to proceed with the Melbourne roof restoration, we source the necessary roofing materials and equipment. This meticulous preparation underscores our commitment to delivering a successful roof makeover or new roof installation designed to endure Melbourne’s diverse weather conditions.

    What are the benefits of roofing restoration?

    Undertaking a roof restoration extends your roof’s lifespan, enhances your home’s aesthetics, and safeguards your investment. At Eastern Melbourne Roofing, our Melbourne roofing experts identify the required roofing work, repairs, or restorations, providing detailed quotes and consultation. This preparation leads to quality work that boosts your roof’s insulation and energy efficiency, delivering numerous benefits, including cost savings.

    What are the most common problems associated with Melbourne's roofs?

    Melbourne roofs often face common issues that can be unearthed through a meticulous inspection by experienced roofing contractors like us at Eastern Melbourne Roofing. These include leaks, poor drainage, damaged or missing tiles, moss and algae growth, cracked or broken tiles, damaged or lose flashing, missing caulk, poor ventilation, condensation, ice dams, and issues with siding, fascias, flashing, downpipes, roof seals, gutters or drainage. Additional complications may arise from damage or leakage caused by rain, wind or dirt. It’s crucial to engage qualified roofing experts for a comprehensive inspection, where potential problems are identified, and repair costs for each element are detailed in a written quote. Sometimes, if the roofing issues are extensive, a full roof replacement may be more cost-effective. Trust the experienced Melbourne roofing team at Eastern Melbourne Roofing for precise assessments and reliable advice.

    What are the most common methods of fixing your roof in Victoria?

    Several methods can be employed to address your roofing Melbourne needs. For those with an old or extensively damaged roof, one of the most common roof restoration Melbourne solutions is a complete roof replacement. This often presents the best care option. Alternatively, roof repairs might be your go-to solution for minor damages like leaks or missing tiles. Regular roof maintenance and inspections by our roofing specialists in Melbourne are essential to prevent future roof problems and keep your roofing in optimal condition. Trust Eastern Melbourne Roofing for a full range of quality roofing solutions.

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    Call us for a No Obligation FREE Roofing Improvement QUOTE on (03) 9038 8266

    For Roofing Repair & Restoration in Melbourne and surrounding areas, we arrive on time, give unbiased opinions on roof repairs and offer roofing remodelling options for you to consider. Call us today for a free melbourne roof restoration refurbishment quote.

    Why Choose Us To Repair & Restore Your Roof?

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    eastern melbourne
    • Registered Building Practitioners
    • Qualified Roofing Tilers
    • Licenced & Registered Plumbers
    • 20 Years In The Business
    • Compliant with Occupational Health & Safety
    • $20 Million Public Liability
    • Housing Industry Australia (“HIA”) Membership
    • Accreditation with Dulux
    • Testimonials From Hundreds Of Satisfied Roof Renovation Customers
    • Community Involvement Through Sponsorships
    • Professionals For Any Roofing Restoration Project
    • Fast & Affordable & Free Roof Refurbishment Quotes
    • Expert Customer Service – You Can Rely On Our Integrity
    • High Quality Workmanship From Roofing Industry Experts

    Expert Roofers Servicing the Eastern Suburbs and Metropolitan Area

    Roof Repair – Colorbond Roof Repairs & Replacement – Roof Replacements In And Around Melbourne

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    If you’re looking for a reliable, value for money, professional and friendly company with a top reputation in the roofing industry with a 20 year plus track record of high quality work, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team of Melbourne roof restoration professionals will be happy to visit your property and evaluate your options – No obligation! If you’re looking for a roof restorer to repoint a tiled roof, issues with your ridges or gutters, remove moss or lichen, advise on what type of roof paint, roof sealer or roof coatings to use, repair ridge caps and ridge tiles, repair roof bedding, tiled roofing restoration, fix cracks in roof tiles or mortar or if you have problems with a roof leak or moisture – or any other roof improvement you need, then Eastern Melbourne Roofing can help. If the appearance, functionality and street appeal of your roof is lacking, we are the roofing company to fix it properly. We can also help with all elements of colorbond roofing replacement, roof painting and roof repairs. Simply pick up the phone to speak to Wayne or one of our friendly roof repair specialists to organize your free colorbond roofing Melbourne quotation. If you want a roofing company with integrity that can get roof restorations done for a good price, we are the perfect fit for you.

    We carry out roof repair work for all roof types with clients and homeowners all around the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne including but not limited to the following areas:

    Balwyn, Bayswater, Belgrave, Blackburn, Box Hill, Burwood, Camberwell, Chadstone, Croydon, Doncaster, Donvale, Ferntree Gully, Ferny Creek, Forest Hill, Glen, Waverley, Hawthorn, Heathmont, Knoxfield, Mitcham, Mont, Albert, Mt Waverley, Mulgrave, Nunawading, Park Orchards, Ringwood, Rowville and Kew, Scoresby, Surrey Hills, Upwey, Vermont, Warranwood, Wonga Park

    Give us a call today or contact us via the enquiry form on our website. Wayne is always available by phone so you will be able to get all your Melbourne roof repairs and roof replacements costing questions and advice answered on the spot. If it is after hours please fill out our enquiry form and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible. Remember no matter what the type of job you have, no matter how big or small, do not hesitate to get in contact with us – we will provide you the most competitive quote we possibly can for all your roofing needs. If your job is outside the eastern suburbs, that is no problem, we work all over town and our roofing contractors are happy to come and quote you for any type of colorbond roofing renovation, roof renovation or repair job.

    Eastern Melbourne Roofing – Roofing Restoration – Roof Repairs & Colorbond Roof Replacements – Providing the Melbourne Homeowner Great Value & Benefits Through Great Results For All Types Of Roofing Services

    Flat Metal Roofing Restorations - Restore Roofing Back To Its Former Glory

    roof repairOne of our main areas of professional expertise is in the re-roofing side of metal roofing. Flat deck roofing or (tray deck) is called Klip Lok, Trimdek or other names that are rolled by alternative roll formers. Flat or low pitched roofing does not generally have the life expectancy of a traditional 25-30 degree pitched roof. We have a team of roof plumbers that specialise in this area and we are able to slightly raise the pitch to not only fall correctly, but meet minimum fall requirements. When battening up roofing we not only gain this correction, but get rid of low areas that have been pooling and causing issues. Too many people unfortunately have their roofs replaced and rectification has not occurred. This causes a lot of pain for everybody, so getting the roofing services done correctly by a an expert qualified roofing company is very important if you want a properly restored roof.

    Parapet, flashings, box guttering and cappings are generally found in this type of roofing. The cappings are generally bigger and can be produced in Zincalume and or Colorbond steel.

    Zincalume is predominately found on a flat roof, not just because you cannot see it, but it is also very good at reflecting the sun. A light colour in Colorbond is also a very good option. Surfmist which is an off white colour is the best, but shale grey and similar light colours can also be used.

    Insulation is very important and when re-roofing it is really the only opportunity you realistically have to insulate, if what you have is insufficient. We offer many options from batt insulation to a blanket and foil option.

    Replacing Tiled Roofs With Colorbond – Roof Replacement & Repair Options

    roof repair

    It has become very popular in recent years to replace tiling with Colorbond steel. There are many reasons for this. As roofing professionals, we restore tiled roofs all the time, but not all roofs can be restored and not all should be restored. Unfortunately, 50-60 year old cement tiled roofs that have not been sealed and maintained have generally seen the best of their life. They become very porous and brittle. Most importantly, the tiles, where they join each other, break down and start to let water in.

    Colorbond roofs are also very popular, and are lighter and cooler. Yes, cooler – most people think they are hotter but they are cooler and the house also cools down a lot quicker. You can get more information on Colorbond roofing on our Colorbond page. You can get a feel for the different colours available, including monument, ironstone, basalt, surfmist, cottage green, manor red, paperbark and woodland grey, and also to view the results of our work see the before and after shots of some examples of our previous colorbond roof replacement jobs in Melbourne on our colorbond roofing page

    To get an estimate on replacing your old roof with Colorbond or other forms of roof restorations, speak to Wayne to organise a free quote today.

    Improve Your Roofing With Eastern Melbourne Roofing – Roofing Restoration – Roof Repairs & Colorbond Roof Replacements – Providing High Quality Roof Repair And Replacement Services For More Than 20 Years. And remember we provide free quotes so contact Wayne today on 0458 225 999

    Restore Your Melbourne Roofing - Roof Refurbishment Melbourne Victoria

    roof repair

    Roof improvement and renovation generally means repairing, resealing and bringing a roof back to original or near original condition. It is worth noting terracotta roof tiles should not be painted. Cement tiles can be repainted, resealed but not terracotta. Resealing and painting is the last thing that happens as all the repairs and maintenance needs to happen first. On a terracotta roof this also happens, but terracotta is virtually a brick or clay fired tile.

    Both types of tiles need a lot of roof rehabilitation work prior including valleys replaced, broken tiles replaced and re-bedding and repointing. The process is normally erecting safety rails, replacing broken tiles, leak repairs, replacing valleys if required, fitting valley seals, replacing a lot more tiles than you think, re-bedding, 4000 psi high pressure roof cleaning, cleaning out guttering and leaving spare tiles. Both cement and terracotta tiles go through this process (however some home owners like the moss on their roof) and after this we use a 4 x coat system that gives an antifungal application to the tiles, then a high build sealer followed by coats of colour acrylic membrane.

    Eastern Melbourne Roofing – providing high quality services to homeowners in Victoria for over 20 years

    Asbestos Re-Roofing & Repair - Roofing Reconstruction Through Asbestos Removal

    roof repair

    During the 1950s and 1960s asbestos could be found in a large number of houses around Australian buildings and homes. Over these two decades it was discovered that it was very detrimental to our health and unsuitable for any building purpose. We treat the removal of this dangerous material seriously and provide a service which is outlined by the Environmental Protection Authority and Worksafe Victoria’s strict guidelines.

    Our crews are sure to thoroughly vacuum and clean up after the asbestos re-roofing process, so there is absolutely no danger of asbestos remnants or dangerous materials remaining on-site. We also wear regulation protective gear including respirators and gloves to ensure we can work safely. We generally replace roofs with a Colorbond steel product to suit building engineering and style.

    Once all asbestos materials are removed from your home, you’ll receive an Asbestos Clearance Certification document from us. You’ll also be able to increase your property value by thousands of dollars with asbestos roof replacements, changing to a Colorbond, Zincalume or metal roof. We offer asbestos removal to clients in Heathmont, Box Hill, Glen Waverly, Ferntree Gully and many others of the eastern suburbs. Go to www.asbestoswise.com.au to learn more about the importance of asbestos removal.

    We are proud of our track record of providing Melbourne roof improvement services to Victorians for more than 20 years.

    Our Roof Restoration Gallery

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